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A little bit about Gazzeria...

At Gazzeria we are passionate about making authentic, artisan Italian gelato ice cream. We use only the freshest of ingredients, so that each mouth full will excite your taste buds. We offer a range of classic ice cream flavours such as intense Baileys, Tiramisu, Ferrero Rocher, moorish Banoffee and our family favourite Vanilla ice cream. Our seasonal ice creams and sorbets offer a range of intense flavours that are absolutely mouth-watering. Most of the ice creams and sorbets we create are naturally gluten free! We also have a vegan range to suit everyone's dietary needs. If you have any dietary requirements or allergies, please get in touch to find out what ice cream or sorbets we would be able to offer. All of our ice cream is made on site at Mursley Farm Shop. Come in store today to watch the magic happen!


We supply to restaurants, events and businesses. If you're interested in Gazzeria ice cream for your business or an event you're having, please get in touch now!

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